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Maintenance of American box substation

After the American box-type substation is installed and used, there is basically no maintenance, but the products produced in China are indispensable for the maintenance of the box due to various reasons.
Due to the surface treatment technical problems o

Treatment measures for rusted dry power transformer

Dry  power transformers are used in many industries, especially in industries such as construction and agricultural miners.
After the dry distribution transformer is rusted, it is necessary to carefully perform the descaling operation, and know how to ch

How to troubleshoot oil-immersed transformers

In the event of an oil-immersed transformer failure, it is necessary to carefully observe and discover that some small faults of the oil-immersed distribution transformer can be solved. Today, I will teach you some repair techniques to help you operate oi

The difference between FR-3 CCL and FR-4 CCL

The epoxy paper substrate is a paper-based copper clad laminate using an epoxy resin as a binder. It is slightly better than FR-l in electrical and mechanical properties. Its main product model is FR-3, and the market is mostly in Europe.

Mine distribution transformer routine maintenance

Manufacturers of mining distribution transformers not only manufacture transformers, but also maintain transformers. If the mining transformer is not maintained, it cannot exert such important performance and characteristics. The management of the distrib

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