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Box-type substation features

The box-type substation is mainly composed of multi-circuit high-voltage switch system, armored busbar, substation integrated automation system, communication, telecontrol, metering, capacitor compensation and DC power supply.

Restriction and filtering of reactors

In order to limit the short-circuit current of the transmission line and protect the power equipment, a reactor must be installed. The reactor can reduce the short-circuit current and keep the voltage of the short-circuit system unchanged.

Oil immersed transformer classification

Oil-immersed transformers can be divided into iron core transformers and iron shell transformers. If the winding is wrapped around the core, it is a core-type transformer; if the core is wrapped around the winding, it is an iron-shell transformer. The two

Why should the dry power transformer core be grounded

When the dry power transformer is in normal operation, the core must have a reliable grounding. If there is no grounding, the suspension voltage of the core to the ground will cause the core to intermittently break through the discharge, and the core is g

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