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Development direction of dry type transformer

With the popularization and application of the dry transformer, its manufacturing technology has also gained considerable development. It can be predicted that the future dry transformer will be further developed in the following aspects.
(1) energy saving and low noise: with the new low consumption silicon steel sheet, foil winding structure, step iron core joint, environmental protection requirements, noise research, and computer optimization design, new materials, new technology, new technology will make the future dry transformer more energy saving and more quiet.
(2) high reliability: improving product quality and reliability will be the unremitting pursuit of people.
(3) certification of environmental characteristics: Based on the European standard HD464, the research and certification of the characteristics of dry type transformer's climate (C0, C1, C2), environment (E0, E1, E2) and fire resistance (F0, F1, F2) are carried out.
Development direction of dry type transformer
(4) large capacity: the dry type transformer from 50 to 2500kVA distribution transformer is extended to 10000 ~ 20000kVA/35kV power transformer. With the increase of urban power load, the city network regional substation becomes more and more deep in the city center area, residential district, large factory and mine and other load centers, 35kV large capacity District Center power supply power Transformers will be widely used.
(5) multi function combination: from a single transformer to the development of a multi function combination transformer with air cooling, protective shell, temperature computer interface, zero sequence transformer, power metering, closed busbar and side line.
(6) multi field development: from distribution transformers to power transformers, excitation transformers, metro traction rectifier transformers, large current electric furnace transformers, nuclear power stations, marine and oil production platforms and other special transformers and multipurpose fields.

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