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The difference between a voltage regulator and a transformer

We know that electricity generates magnetic fields, and magnetic fields can also be converted into electricity. When a coil is connected to the alternating current, the alternating magnetic field will be produced, and then the alternating magnetic field passes through another coil and the other coil will induce the voltage. This is the principle of the transformer, which is related to the number of turns of the two coils; in a simple way, the voltage transformer uses the principle of magnetic coupling, all from the original. The secondary winding (coil) consists of the voltage size of the two ends of the coil directly proportional to the number of turns of the coil, so the ratio of the turn number of the original side coils determines the transformer's ratio. Obviously, the transformer has no voltage regulation because the secondary voltage varies with the voltage of the primary side.
The difference between a voltage regulator and a transformer
The voltage regulator is the principle of negative feedback, for example, half the tap water tap, a sensor at the outlet of the tap, the amount of water that can be detected. If the water is large, the faucet is closed automatically. If the water is small, the faucet will be opened automatically. Some, so keep the effluent constant. The principle of the pressurizer is generally such that there is a circuit in the voltage regulator that can detect the change of the output voltage (the voltage resistance sampling circuit of the error amplifier inverse input terminal, this circuit can now be reduced to only one integrated chip). When the output voltage changes, the circuit that detects the output voltage change is raised by the chip. It is the simplest voltage regulator, which is provided by the feedback to the electric motor, and then the switch arm automatically adjusts the position of the brush by the private electric motor, so that the output voltage is stable.
To sum up, the transformeris not the voltage stabilizing effect, but the use of negative feedback technology can be designed to have the role of voltage transformer, this is no problem, but the general transformer is not such. The output voltage of transformer in a certain range of use varies little, and what we call steady voltage is not a concept.

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