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The difference of common fully sealed transformer

   The fully sealed transformer adopts corrugated oil tank, and the oil conservator and the ordinary radiator are cancelled. Compared with ordinary transformers, it is of low height and small volume. The transformer oil tank is composed of corrugated wall. The corrugated radiator not only has the function of cooling, but also has the function of "breathing". Its elasticity compensates for the change of the transformer oil volume due to the temperature rise and fall. When the transformer is installed, the vacuum oil injection process is used to completely remove the tidal gas in the transformer. The transformer oil does not contact with the air. It effectively prevents the oxygen and water from invading the transformer and causes the insulation performance of the transformer and the aging of the transformer oil.
The difference of common fully sealed transformer
   The transformer box is sealed with silica gel along the seams. The tank is not leaking oil, and the silica gel is not aging, so that it can be completely sealed. The expansion type radiator is a common sheet type heat exchanger in the middle of the heat sink added the spring, the transformer expands when the load is large because of the expansion of the insulation oil, but in the load hours, because the heat dissipation factor itself has no expected expansion coefficient, only the elastic potential energy of the spring can be changed to make up the original volume. The corrugated fin has no spring. The rest are the same, but they are better to use.

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