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The development course of Chinese dry transformer

Nowadays, with the development of China, the dry type transformer is about 15%-20% in both large and middle cities, and about 50% in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, but the dry type transformer is used relatively less in the rural distribution network of China, so the dry transformer is used as a transformer. Between 10-15%.
Although China's share of the market is low, but with its own excellent application conditions and performance, the proportion of the dry transformer in the total output of the transformer will rise to a certain extent. It is expected that by 2020, the market share of China's dry change will reach about 50%, which is equivalent to the proportion of the developed countries. Therefore, there is still a long way to go in dry market in China.
China's dry change technology has reached the world's advanced level. "2013-2017 years of China's dry type transformer industry market demand forecasting and investment strategic planning analysis report" shows that dry change has four kinds of structure: epoxy resin casting, adding filling, wrapping, impregnation. At present, the open and ventilated H grade dry transformer is widely used in Europe and America. It is a new type of H grade drying that absorbs the characteristics of the wrapping structure on the basis of impregnation and has been developed with Nomex paper. Because of the high price, it has not been popularized in China.
At present, the largest dry type distribution transformers with short circuit test capacity in China are 2500kVA and 10/0.4kV, and the dry power transformers with the largest capacity of short circuit test are 16000kVA and 35/10kV.
The development course of Chinese dry transformer
In 2012, the output of China's dry type transformers was 18607.19 KVA, which is one of the largest dry type transformers in the world. Dry-type transformers have been widely used in almost all electric power plants, factories, hospitals and so on. With the popularization and application of SC (B) 9 series of low noise (the noise of distribution transformer below 2500kVA is controlled within 50dB) and energy saving (the loss of no-load loss up to 25%), the performance index and manufacturing technology of Chinese dry type transformer have reached the advanced level in the world.
Although China's dry transformer is still a long way to develop, the dry type transformer will expand the market and have a place in the international market under the guidance and development of policy and technology.

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