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Correct maintenance method of outdoor copper winding oil filled distribution transformer

Regular maintenance is a common maintenance method for oil filled distribution transformers. However, there are certain problems with regular maintenance. For example, in most cases, regular maintenance can not find problems, and high maintenance costs are also incurred. Overhaul can not find problems in time, which will cause the outdoor transformer to return to the factory for overhaul. Due to the short time required for overhaul of transformers, the requirements of the maintenance workers' skills and proficiency are relatively high. It is easy to cause damage to the individual components of the oil filled transformer during the overhaul process, resulting in the transformer still having faults after the completion of the repair. Therefore, the correct maintenance method is crucial for the operating life of outdoor copper winding oil filled distribution transformers.
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oil filled distribution transformers correct maintenance method
1) Daily inspections. During the operation of the transformer, daily inspections are required. Mainly to check whether the operation of the transformer accessory equipment is good and the transformer temperature is normal. Taking infrared imager measurement, it can effectively find some faults such as overheating and lack of oil inside the transformer.
2) Regular tests. Mainly in accordance with the "Electrical Equipment Handover and Preventive Test Procedures". There are a total of 35 items, and there are more than 10 routine trial projects. Some projects insist on the implementation of some faults that can effectively detect transformers, and timely and effective measures can prevent accidents from expanding, which is an effective means in production.
3) Online detection technology. 1 partial discharge online monitoring technology. If there is a fault inside the transformer or the operating conditions are bad, partial discharge will occur due to the local field strength being too high. The detection of partial discharge can be divided into electrical measurement method and non-electric measurement method. 2 Online analysis technology for gas in oil. For a long time, gas chromatography analysis of gas composition and content in oil filled transformer oil has been an important means to judge the internal state of the transformer. The principle is to use the relative ratio of the collected gas concentrations to infer the cracking conditions in which the oil or oil paper insulation is located.
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