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Performance characteristics of ZTELEC three-phase oil-immersed outdoor transformer

Transformers have different factors to consider when designing, such as altitude, high and low pressure, maximum temperature, and minimum temperature. For complex and variable outdoor environments, a three-phase oil-immersed outdoor transformer is the main choice because of its low cost and easy maintenance.
The low-voltage winding of the three-phase oil-immersed transformer adopts a copper-clad-wound cylindrical structure in addition to a small-capacity copper conductor; the high-voltage winding adopts a multi-layered cylindrical structure to balance the winding ampule distribution and magnetic flux leakage. Small, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to short circuit.
Performance characteristics:
1. The iron core and the winding are respectively tightened. The fastening parts such as the height and low voltage lead of the machine are equipped with self-locking locknuts. They adopt a non-suspension structure and can withstand the shock of transportation.
2. The coil and the iron core are vacuum dried, and the transformer oil adopts a vacuum oil filtering and oil filling process to minimize the moisture inside the three-phase transformer.
3. The fuel tank adopts a corrugated sheet, which has a breathing function to compensate for the volume change of the oil due to temperature changes. Therefore, the product does not have an oil storage cabinet, which obviously reduces the height of the outdoor transformer.
4. Since the corrugated sheet replaces the oil conservator, the transformer oil is isolated from the outside world, thus effectively preventing the entry of oxygen and moisture and causing a decrease in insulation performance.
ZTELEC three-phase oil-immersed outdoor transformer

ZTELEC has introduced international advanced transformer technology and developed a variety of three-phase oil-immersed outdoor transformers, which have the advantages of good quality and low price.

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