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How to extend the operating life of three-phase copper winding closed transformer

Oil-immersed transformers are critical in electrical equipment and are expensive. Price is an important factor that many users need to consider when purchasing. Also need to consider quality. If a transformer is used for 20 years, and a three-phase transformer with a long operating time of 10 years is more cost-effective, the operating cost is lower. Therefore, how to extend the operating life of a three-phase copper winding hermetic transformer is a problem that many users consider.
In addition to the quality affecting the running time of the three-phase transformer, there is also an important influencing factor, the maintenance status of the closed oil-immersed transformer. The correct maintenance method can make the transformer not overhauled within 20 years, but the wrong maintenance method will reduce the 10-year life of the transformer.
three-phase copper winding closed transformer,closed oil-immersed transformer

How to carry out the correct maintenance method:
1) Daily inspections to check whether the state of the closed oil-immersed transformer is good. If there is a problem, what kind of problem is it, analyze its solution
2) Whether the results of the preventive test are normal. For large transformers, preventive testing will not cause damage to the insulation of the transformer. For example, chromatographic and micro-water analysis of transformer oil, DC resistance measurement of windings, and dielectric loss measurement can all identify equipment hazards in a timely manner.
Chromatographic analysis of transformer oil is very effective. In the operation of the transformer, the gas contained in the transformer insulating oil is analyzed. Through the composition of the gas contained in it, it is possible to analyze the faults that exist in it, so as to solve the problem, and then through the total data analysis to determine whether the transformer insists on disease operation or power failure maintenance. The inspection cycle should be shortened from one year to one in the first quarter. The detection cycle should also be shortened if a fault such as a short circuit occurs outside the transformer or when an abnormality is detected by the chromatographic analysis.
three-phase copper winding closed transformer

3) Detect whether the system of the copper winding transformer has a short circuit fault, a ground fault, or an overcurrent or overvoltage.
This is also a very important part of the three-phase copper winding closed type transformer, and the specific problems should be analyzed. If the short-circuit winding coil of the transformer is on the outside, the possibility of deformation is large. If the transformer is inconvenient to power off, it is necessary to strengthen the chromatographic analysis test and shorten the cycle. Once there is a chance of power failure maintenance, the medium-sized transformer should be inspected by the hoist. The large-sized transformer should be drained and then enter the transformer cover for inspection.

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