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How to quickly eliminate the fault of three-phase oil-immersed step-down transformer

The three-phase oil-immersed step-down transformer is a very important device in the power system. It can transmit power, change voltage, and isolate insulation, which are essential in production and life. Once the oil immersed transformer has failed, it can be said that it has a huge impact on production, life and safe use of electricity. Therefore, it is very important to make an accurate judgment on the faults of the three-phase transformer and to eliminate the fault.
    1. Common maintenance items for step-down transformers
    The three-phase step-down transformer has a small overall equipment, but it has a very complicated structure. It contains a lot of devices, and damage to each device will cause the entire transformer to fail. The items that need to be overhauled in the transformer generally include the disassembly of the attachment sling or the sling; the maintenance of the fuel tank, casing, radiator, safety air passage and oil pillow; the maintenance and calibration of the gas breaker and the thermometer; the high-altitude porcelain bottle Cleaning inspection; replacement of all gaskets and component leak test; oil purifier, respirator, oil pillow capsule, pressure release repair and so on. These are relatively difficult maintenance projects. Once they have a fault, they can say that they have to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance and maintenance. Moreover, professional technicians are required to follow the normative procedures.
In the maintenance of oil-immersed step-down transformers, there are also some minor repair items, such as: cleaning of the casing and valves, handling of leakage oil; cleaning inspection casings, tightening the casing bolts; cooling submersible pumps, cooling fans Overhaul; take oil sample analysis and casing, body adjustment oil level, etc. These overhauls are relatively easy, but the technicians must not be taken lightly. Because there is no detail, the details determine success or failure. Even small details determine the normal operation of the transformer.
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    2. Oil-immersed transformer repair process and standards
    If the maintenance of the step-down transformer is a common fault, the professional technician should be able to see it at a glance, and it will be easy to solve the problem. But for those tough problems, professional and technical personnel may also feel a headache, no way to start. In the face of such problems, the staff can test some common maintenance items one by one. For example, some common ratings are normal: the rated frequency is 50Hz, the rated voltage is high voltage winding is 35KV, the low voltage winding is not 0.415KV; the phase number is not three phases; the connection group label is not a three-phase group. Followed by the cooler, including the number of coolers. Next, you can look at the pressure relief device, what is the release pressure; the rated current of the unloaded tap changer, the number of taps, the short-circuit withstand capability, and so on. In constant maintenance, the staff will find the problem and solve the problem.
There are certain standards for solving the problems of the three-phase oil-immersed step-down transformer. Only when the standard is met, the problems of the transformer can be solved smoothly. These standards are also a measure of repairing transformers. For example, the repair of the coil: the coil needs to be kept clean and free of oil, so as to ensure the normal operation of the coil. If there is metal debris in the coil, it will cause blockage of the coil. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the coil has displacement or deformation during maintenance, and whether the insulation pads are arranged neatly. Only a neat arrangement can ensure good insulation. The degree of insulation aging is also checked when inspecting the coil. And the standard of insulation is that the insulation is elastic, the color is bright, it is golden yellow, and there is no residual deformation by finger pressing. This kind of insulation effect is the best, of course, there are secondary insulation, tertiary insulation and four season insulation. The four-level insulation shows a phenomenon of severe embrittlement, and the wire can be seen, and such insulation is unqualified. In the maintenance process of the transformer, the staff must strictly follow the standards. Overhaul of lead wires, overhaul of iron cores and clamps, inspection of guide cooling devices and fuel tank bells, etc. must meet the standards. As long as the standard is met, it can bring convenience and use value to people, so as to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the transformer.
    3. Scientific and reasonable treatment
    Professional power technicians should pay attention to the use of scientific and reasonable methods for operation and practice during the overhaul process. The proper method can make the maintenance work smoothly carry out and carry out. The specific method used to operate depends on the specific situation. For example, oil treatment of a transformer can be performed by oil filling of a capsule type oil tank. This way of filling oil is not unique. There are two main ways. One is to perform capsule exhaust: open the oil storage tank without venting holes, and the oil filling pipe will fill the oil tank until the gas hole is out of oil, close the oil filling pipe... You can also directly add the oil level of the transformer oil storage tank to Normal oil level. Choosing a scientific and reasonable method can sometimes bring speed and convenience to the maintenance of the transformer, so that the work can be carried out smoothly.
    Proper preparation and careful planning before the maintenance, professional and technical personnel should also understand the process and standards of the maintenance process, and use reasonable treatment methods in the specific operation process. The shortest time is taken to solve the faults, to minimize losses, and to provide convenience and safe use of electricity. For the use of transformers, the staff should be regularly inspected and maintained to prevent problems before they occur. Even if a fault occurs, it must be eliminated in the bud, bringing safe power to people and extending the life of the three-phase transformer. .

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