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Operating conditions of distribution transformers

As an important electrical equipment, distribution transformers will cause problems in the electricity consumption of users in certain areas and affect normal life. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of dry distribution transformers, we must strictly follow the operating conditions of oil-immersed distribution transformers.
Operating conditions of distribution transformers:
l. The voltage applied to the transformer should not exceed 105% of the corresponding tap (switch) voltage. The maximum load should not exceed the rated capacity of the transformer.
2. The oil temperature of the oil-immersed distribution transformer should not exceed 85 ‘C, and the thousand-type transformer should not exceed 125*C.
3. Transformer = When the phase load is not parallel, the current of the largest phase should be monitored.
4. The parallel distribution of dry distribution transformers shall meet the following conditions:
1) The rated voltage is equal, and the voltage ratio is allowed to differ by 0.5%.
2) The short circuit impedance does not exceed 10%.
3) The phase sequence is the same.
4) When the capacity is equal to 3:1 and the transformers with different short-circuit impedances are operated in parallel, the secondary voltage of the transformer with high short-circuit impedance can be appropriately increased, and the capacity of the transformer operating in parallel can be fully utilized.
5. Any transformer that is running in parallel cannot be overloaded.
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