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Always check the four places of the dry transformer

Dry type transformers are very important electrical equipment. In the long-term operation process, some small problems will occur. If there are problems, they will directly affect the use. Therefore, dry-type transformers should be tested frequently during normal operation. In order to ensure the normal use of dry power transformers, it is necessary to detect various aspects of the transformer and find problems in time to solve the problem. However, such testing will affect the efficiency of work, so ZTELEC summarizes the places that must be tested frequently:

A. Observe the obvious abnormality by observing the appearance of the dry distribution transformer. If the coil lead is broken, de-soldering, whether the insulating material has burnt marks, whether the iron-tightening screw is loose, whether the silicon steel sheet is rusted, whether the winding coil is exposed or the like.

B. Insulation test. Use the multimeter R×10k block to measure the resistance between the core and the primary, the primary and the secondary, the core and each secondary, the electrostatic shielding layer and the secondary and secondary windings. The multimeter pointer should refer to the infinity position. move. Otherwise, the dry transformer has poor insulation performance.
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C, the detection of the coil on and off. Place the multimeter in the R×1 gear. During the test, if the resistance value of a winding is infinite, the winding has a faulty fault.

D. Determine the primary and secondary coils. The primary and secondary pins of the power dry-type transformer are generally led out from both sides, and the primary winding is marked with 220V, and the secondary winding is labeled with rated voltage, such as 15V, 24V, 35V. Then identify them based on these markers.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the dry type transformer, it is necessary to observe the test frequently.

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