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Treatment method for abnormal operation of oil-immersed transformers

Oil-immersed transformers often have various problems during normal operation. What should be done when faced with these abnormal operation conditions can reduce the loss.
Hermetically Sealed Oil Filled Transformer:
l When the on-duty personnel find that the distribution transformer is abnormal, they should try to eliminate it as soon as possible and report the superior and make a record.
2. If the oil filled transformer has one of the following conditions, it should stop running immediately:
1) The sound of the transformer is obviously increased, it is not normal, and there is a popping sound inside.
2) Severe oil leakage or fuel injection, so that the oil level drops below the limit of the oil level gauge.
3) The casing has serious damage or discharge.
4) The temperature of the transformer is higher than the specified temperature or smoke is on fire.
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3. When the equipment near the Distribution transformers – hermetically sealed fires, explodes, or otherwise, posing a serious threat to the transformer. The transformer should be stopped immediately.
4. Under normal load and cooling conditions, the transformer temperature is abnormal and rising continuously. If the temperature indication is correct, the transformer has been internally faulted and the transformer should be stopped immediately.
5. Three-phase oil-immersed transformers operate at super rated load (or no overload). If the top oil temperature exceeds 100*C, the load should be reduced immediately or the cause should be checked if the change exceeds 125 “C. Make a record. When the oil level of the transformer is found to be lower than the normal oil level, the cause should be ascertained. From pressure change
6, Sealed power transformers lower oil.
7. The oil level of the transformer may rise above the limit of the oil level due to the temperature rise. When it is determined that it is not a false oil level, the oil should be drained to reduce the oil level to the corresponding height of the oil temperature at the time to avoid oil spill.
8. When the transformer is on fire, immediately disconnect the power supply to stop the cooler, the air cooler, and quickly take fire-fighting measures.

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