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Relationship between overload capacity of dry transformer and overload time

In the process of running dry transformers, it is impossible to always be at rated power, and overload often occurs. Overload is a fault that seriously affects the normal operation of dry-type transformers. When the dry power transformer is overloaded for a longer period of time, the consumption of the transformer is greater, and the dry distribution transformer itself is damaged.
When the overload capacity of the dry transformer is stronger, the overload time will be longer. Therefore, in the process of manufacturing transformers, ZTELEC has a unique design idea:
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Dry type power transformer overload withstand capability, in the case of one hundred and twenty percent of rated current, the time should not exceed 60 minutes, the overcurrent setting should not be set too large, so as to avoid transformer heating.
Overload multiples 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6
Allowable duration (min) 60, 45, 32, 18, 5
Exceeding the above time may cause overheating of the insulation and even burnout.
Overload capability may vary from transformer to model
The temperature measured by the dry distribution transformer transformer temperature measuring device is not the temperature of the transformer winding, so it cannot reflect the high temperature limit of the insulation heating.
If the dry transformer is in full-load operation for a long time, it is necessary to send people to observe and test and maintain the transformer. This can extend the life of the power transformer and increase the efficiency of the distribution transformer.

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