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Basic principles for maintenance and maintenance of oil-immersed distribution transformers

Oil-immersed distribution transformers have a long history of development. Although the technology is constantly innovating, routine maintenance work is still going on.
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1. Prevent oil-immersed transformer oil leakage: The oil-immersed power transformer is filled with transformer oil in the fuel tank. The assembly relies on fasteners to pressurize and seal the oil-resistant rubber components. Poor sealing is the main cause of leakage of oil in transformers, so special care should be taken during maintenance and maintenance.
  • Whether the small bolts are loosened by vibration, if they are loose, they should be tightened, the degree of tightening should be appropriate, and should be consistent everywhere.
  • Whether the rubber is broken or deformed seriously. At this time, the rubber parts that can be updated should be kept in mind when the model specifications are consistent, and keep the sealing surface clean.
2. Prevent oil-immersed distribution transformers from getting wet: Power transformers are high-voltage equipment that requires good insulation performance. Oil-immersed transformers are extremely vulnerable to moisture, and preventing moisture is one of the main measures taken to maintain the transformer.
To this end, users are required to pay attention to the following:
  • After the transformer is purchased, the power supply bureau should immediately ask for the handover test;
  • Install a moisture absorber immediately. The transformer has a capacity of 100 kVA and above with a moisture absorber. A moisture absorber should be installed immediately after the transformer is shipped to the site to prevent the internal body from being protected from moisture.
  • Monitor the silica gel in the moisture absorber and replace it immediately after moisture. The silica gel in the moisture absorber acts to absorb moisture and protect the transformer. After the moisture is saturated, the color of the silica gel changes, and a new dry silica gel needs to be replaced. 
ZTELEC will bring more maintenance methods for oil-immersed distribution transformers and extend the service life of the products.

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