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Box-type substation features

With the development of the economy, people are increasingly demanding electricity. Better safety is required under the conditions of daily use. Therefore, the traditional transformer has developed into a box-type substation.
The box-type substation is mainly composed of multi-circuit high-voltage switch system, armored busbar, substation integrated automation system, communication, telecontrol, metering, capacitor compensation and DC power supply. It is installed with a moisture-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof and anti-proof device. Rat, fireproof, anti-theft, heat insulation, fully enclosed, movable steel structure box, mechatronics, fully enclosed operation, mainly has the following characteristics:
(1) Advanced and safe technology: The box part adopts the current domestic leading technology and technology. The outer casing is generally made of galvanized steel plate. The frame adopts standard container material and manufacturing process. It has good anti-corrosion performance, guarantees 20 years of corrosion, and inner sealing plate. The aluminum alloy gusset plate is used, and the interlayer is made of fireproof and heat insulating material. The air conditioner and dehumidifier are installed in the cabinet. The equipment operation is not affected by the natural climatic environment and external pollution, and the normal operation under the harsh environment of -40 °C to +40 °C can be guaranteed. The primary equipment in the box adopts fully enclosed high-voltage switchgear (such as xgn type), dry-type transformer, dry-type transformer, vacuum circuit breaker, spring operating mechanism, rotary isolation switch and other domestic leading equipment, and the product has no exposed live parts. Fully enclosed, fully insulated structure, can fully achieve zero electric shock accidents, the whole station can achieve oil-free operation, high security, and the second use of microcomputer integrated automation system, can achieve unattended.
American Type Box Transformer Substation

(2) High degree of automation: Intelligent design of the whole station, the protection system adopts substation microcomputer integrated automation device, distributed installation, can realize "four remote", namely telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, remote adjustment, each unit has independent operation Function, relay protection function is complete, remote setting of operating parameters, control of humidity and temperature in the box and remote smoke alarm to meet unattended requirements; image remote monitoring is also required.
(3) Prefabrication of the factory: When designing, the actual requirements of the substation of the designer, and making a main wiring diagram and equipment design outside the box, you can choose to provide the box specification and model by the manufacturer. All the equipment factories are installed and debugged once, which is truly realized. The substation construction is factoryized, shortening the design and manufacturing cycle; on-site installation only requires box positioning, cable connection between boxes, outlet cable connection, protection setting verification, transmission test and other debugging work, the entire substation from installation to commissioning It takes only 5-8 days to shorten the construction period.
(4) Flexible combination mode: The box-type substation has a compact structure, and each box constitutes a separate system, which makes the combination mode flexible. We can all use the box type, that is, all the boxes of 35kv and 10kv equipment. It is installed inside and forms a full-box substation; it can also be used only with 10kv switch box, 35kv equipment for outdoor installation, 10kv equipment and control system for installation. This combination method is especially suitable for the transformation of old stations in rural power network reconstruction, that is, the original There is a 35kv device that does not move, and only one 10kv switch box can be installed to achieve unattended requirements.
European Type Box Transformer Substation

(5) Reducing investment: Box-type substation reduces investment by 40% to 50% compared with conventional substation of the same scale, calculated by 35kv single main transformer 4000kva scale substation, civil engineering (including levy) box-type substation is more conventional than conventional transformer The electric power station saved more than 1 million yuan; if it is analyzed from the perspective of completion and production, the conservative estimate is calculated according to the 4 months ahead of each station. If the average load is 2000kw, the electricity sales profit is 0.10 yuan/kw.h, and the net profit can be increased by more than 600,000 yuan in three months. From the perspective of operation, in the box-type substation, advanced equipment selection, especially oil-free equipment operation, solves the problem of equipment leakage in the conventional substation, the substation can implement state maintenance, reduce maintenance workload, and save operation and maintenance every year. The cost is about 100,000 yuan.
(6) Small area: Taking a 4000kva single-substation scale substation as an example, the construction of a conventional 35kv substation will take about 3,000m2, which requires large-scale civil engineering; and the box-type substation, main transformer box and The two boxes of the switch box can occupy a minimum area of ​​100m2, including the total area of ​​other equipment of 35kv, which is 300m2, which is only 1/10 of the area of ​​the same-scale substation, which can make full use of the street, the square and the corner of the factory.
(7) Beautiful appearance, easy to coordinate with the environment: The shell body is made of galvanized steel plate and container manufacturing technology, the appearance design is beautiful, and the power supply reliability is ensured. The color of the box-type substation shell is selected, which is easy to coordinate with the surrounding environment. Especially suitable for urban construction, such as: urban residential quarters, stations, ports, airports, parks, green belts and other densely populated areas, it can be used as a fixed substation, as a mobile substation, with embellishment and Beautify the role of the environment.

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