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Restriction and filtering of reactors

The expansion of the grid capacity has led to a rapid increase in the rating of the system's short-circuit capacity. For example, on the low voltage 35kV side of a 500kV substation, the maximum effective value of the three-phase symmetrical short-circuit current is already close to 50kA. In order to limit the short-circuit current of the transmission line and protect the power equipment, a reactor must be installed. The reactor can reduce the short-circuit current and keep the voltage of the short-circuit system unchanged.
Reactor,Filter reactor,Damping reactor
A damper reactor (ie, a series reactor) is installed in the capacitor circuit, and the capacitor circuit is activated to suppress the inrush current. At the same time, together with the capacitor bank, a harmonic circuit is formed to filter the harmonics. For example, in the capacitor circuit of a 35kV reactive power compensation device in a 500kV substation, in order to limit the inrush current when the capacitor is input and to suppress the harmonics of the power system, a filter reactor must be installed in the 35kV capacitor circuit to suppress the third harmonic. It adopts rated voltage 35kV, rated inductance 26.2mH, rated current 350A dry type hollow single-phase outdoor type damper reactor, which forms a resonant circuit with the 3rd harmonic of 2.52Mvar capacitor, that is, 3rd harmonic filter circuit. Similarly, in order to suppress higher harmonics of 5 times and above, a rated voltage of 35kV, a rated inductance of 9.2mH, and a rated current of 382A damper reactor are used, which form a resonant circuit with a higher harmonic of 5 times or more with a 2.52Mvar capacitor. It acts to suppress higher harmonics.
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