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The difference between single-phase transformer and three-phase power transformer

There are many types of power transformers, which can be classified into single-phase power transformers, three-phase power transformer, and multi-phase power transformers according to the number of power phases. It can be seen from the literal point that the single-phase transformer and the three-phase transformer have only one word difference, so is the function and application place the same? The Chinese transformer manufacturers below introduce their differences.
The structural characteristics of the three-phase dry-type transformer are that three windings are wound around one core, and the three-phase power is transformed into the secondary winding. The output is also a three-phase power supply, and the output can be designed as three-phase three-wire and three-phase four according to requirements. 2 kinds of lines. In large substations and power plants, three single-phase transformers are also combined into one three-phase transformer, called “combined three-phase transformers.” Generally, three-phase power supplies are used for power grid transmission and industrial use, so three-phase transformers are used.
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Structural features of single-phase dry-type transformers There is only one winding on the iron core. In fact, two coils of high and low voltage are wound on a closed magnetic circuit. Each voltage level has only one coil and is only connected to the three-phase power system. In the one-phase circuit, it is a single-phase transformer. Single-phase transformers are generally used in places where civilians need single-phase power, such as household appliances, etc.
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