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If effective restraint of oil-immersed transformer oil aging

The oil-immersed transformer is inseparable from the transformer oil, and the transformer oil is its blood. Therefore, the quality of the transformer oil also directly affects the use of the oil-immersed transformer.
The types and types of oil-immersed power transformers are constantly increasing, and various technologies and performances are also uneven. Therefore, attention should be paid to quality when selecting transformers.
The most common occurrence of transformer oil is the aging of transformer oil, which is often the case, so how to effectively suppress the aging of transformer oil?
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(1) Prevent overloading of the transformer to prevent the oil temperature from increasing to above 85 °C. If the oil temperature is too high, some of the hydrocarbons will decompose to form sludge, and the acid value of the oil will increase and age.
(2) If the capacity is 750 kVA or more, the device itself is equipped with a moisture absorber. The chamber of the moisture absorber is usually filled with silica gel or calcium chloride, and should be treated or replaced when it is wet. The sign of the discolored silica gel when it is damp is from blue to pink, and the natural color can be restored after heating the silica gel; the sign of calcium chloride when it is damp is condensed into pieces and should be replaced.
(3) A small silicone bag can be placed in the oil to be immersed in the oil. The silica gel regenerates the oil to prevent aging. The content of silica gel is about 5% of the oil weight.
(4) When overhauling the transformer, care should be taken not to allow the oil to come into contact with the uncoated copper (the bare copper surface should be tinned or tinned) or the iron (the surface of the iron should be painted), such as oil and copper, iron. The larger the contact surface of zinc, the more susceptible it is to aging.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the oil-immersed distribution transformer, it is necessary to carry out reasonable tests to ensure that the transformer oil is qualified, and to continuously improve the quality and standards of inspection!
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