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Comparison of Winding Core Oil-immersed Transformer and elliptical cross-section iron core transform

Three-dimensional roll core feature
The key component of the Winding Core Oil-immersed Transformer is the three-dimensional core, which is made up of three single-frame cores of the same size. The core column and the iron yoke of each single-frame core are equal in section and close to a semi-circular shape. The three cores of the iron core are arranged in a three-dimensional arrangement of equilateral triangles. The cross section of the core column is close to a circle, and the length of the three cores is magnetic. Consistent, and the length of the iron yoke is the shortest, so the core is light in weight and the no-load loss is small.
Elliptical cross-section core feature
The key component of the elliptical cross-section iron core transformer is an elliptical-section laminated core. For the sake of process and structure, the core section is usually rectangular in shape, and each side has a semicircle with a rectangular sheet width as a diameter. The size of the center distance M0 is determined by factors such as the maximum sheet width, the winding radial dimension, the set gap and the insulation distance. The core angle is determined by the sheet width, the cross-sectional shape and the size. By changing the elliptical section core width, stack thickness and cross-sectional shape, the center distance and angular weight can be reduced, thereby reducing the core quality and reducing the no-load loss of the transformer. The three-dimensional coil core transformer is more important than the elliptical cross-section iron core transformer. The material cost is slightly lower, and other properties and production processes have advantages and disadvantages.
Winding Core Oil-immersed Transformer
Manufacturing companies can optimize and improve the corresponding shortcomings. For example, the elliptical cross-section laminated core transformer can withstand short circuit capability, and can be designed to improve the short-circuit capability by low-voltage design into foil winding, high-low voltage winding solidification, and weak structure reinforcement. Manufacturing companies and users can produce or purchase different products according to their specific conditions. For example, users have very high requirements for noise. Consider purchasing Winding Core Oil-immersed Transformer

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