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How to choose the right power transformer

First of all, it is necessary to investigate the power supply voltage of the electricity use, the actual power load of the user and the conditions of the place, and then select the technical data indicated on the nameplate of the power transformer one by one. Generally, the capacity, voltage, current and environmental conditions of the transformer should be considered comprehensively. The selection should be based on the capacity, nature and time of use of the user's electrical equipment to determine the amount of load required to select the distribution transformer capacity.
In normal operation, the power distribution load of the distribution transformer should be about 75~90% of the rated capacity of the transformer. When the actual load of the transformer is less than 50%, the small-capacity transformer should be replaced. If it is larger than the rated capacity of the transformer, replace the large transformer immediately.
At the same time, in selecting the transformer to determine the primary coil voltage value of the transformer according to the line power, and selecting the voltage value of the secondary coil according to the electric equipment, it is preferably selected as the low-voltage three-phase four-wire power supply. This provides both power and lighting power.
                                     power transformer
For the choice of current, it should be noted that the load can meet the requirements of the motor when the motor starts (because the motor starting current is 4 to 7 times larger than the sinking operation).

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