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Structure and characteristics of Stereo roll iron core transformer

Structure and characteristics of Stereo roll iron core transformer:
1, magnetic circuit optimization
(1) There is no seam between the layers of the three-dimensional coil core, the magnetic circuit is evenly distributed everywhere, there is no obvious high resistance zone, and there is no distortion of the magnetic flux density at the joint.
(2) The direction of the magnetic flux is exactly the same as the crystal orientation of the silicon steel sheet.
(3) The three-phase magnetic circuit lengths are completely equal, and the sum of the three-phase magnetic circuit lengths is the shortest.
(4) The three-phase magnetic circuit is completely symmetrical, and the three-phase no-load current is completely balanced.
2, low loss, significant power saving effect
(1) The magnetization direction of the three-dimensional rolling core is completely consistent with the rolling direction of the silicon steel sheet, and there is no joint between the core layers, the magnetic flux distribution is uniform throughout the magnetic circuit, and there is no obvious high resistance area and no joints. Distortion of magnetic flux density.
(2) Due to the special three-dimensional structure, the amount of the iron yoke portion of the core is reduced by 25% compared with the conventional laminated core, and the reduced angular weight accounts for about 6% of the total weight of the core.
                                                 Stereo roll iron core transformer
3, low noise
Since the three-dimensional volume core is made of uninterrupted, tightly and continuously rolled silicon steel strip on a dedicated core winding machine, there is no seam, and no noise due to discontinuity of the magnetic circuit is generated as in the case of lamination. . At the same time, the three-phase magnetic circuit and magnetic flux are completely symmetrical, and the working magnetic density design is reasonable, so the product noise is greatly reduced.
4, strong overload capability
(1) The calorific value of the product itself is very low: the no-load loss and the no-load current of the coil core transformer are very small, and the heat generated by the product itself is very low;
(2) The three-phase coils are arranged in a "good" shape, forming a central gas passage between the coils, which is connected to the upper and lower sides, "exhaust chimney". Due to the temperature difference between the upper and lower iron yokes of 30-40 °C, strong air convection occurs, and cold air is generated. From below, the central passage is supplemented, and heat is radiated from the inner slope of the upper iron yoke, and the heat generated by the transformer is quickly taken away in the natural circulation.
5, compact structure, small footprint
The special three-dimensional core structure makes the internal structure of the product compact and reasonable, the plane occupied by the body is 10-15% smaller than the traditional products, and the height of the body is reduced by 10-20%. If installed in a box substation, the volume of the box can be reduced. Nearly 1/4.
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