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Effect of high temperature on electrical equipment

 Effect of high temperature on electrical equipment
1. Influence of high temperature: the equipment has a certain temperature due to internal loss.
If the ambient temperature is too high, or the air mobility is poor, so that the heat of the equipment cannot spread out in time, it will cause the equipment to jump off the switch due to overheating, or even burn the equipment.
Such as transformer, when running at high temperature will seriously affect the service life of the product, will also affect the voltage stability. And at high temperature in oil-immersed transformer transformer oil will accelerate oxidation.
 Effect of high temperature on electrical equipment
2. Effects on conductor materials: the temperature increases, the metal material softens, and the mechanical strength decreases obviously.
Such as copper metal material long-term working temperature exceeds 200 ℃, the mechanical strength decreased obviously.
Aluminum metal material mechanical strength is closely related to the temperature, usually aluminum long-term working temperature should not exceed 90 ℃, short-term working temperature should not exceed 120 ℃.
The temperature is too high, the organic insulation material will become brittle and aging, the insulation performance will decline, even breakdown.
3. Influence on electric contact: poor electrical contact is an important cause of many electrical equipment failures, and the temperature of electric contact has a great influence on the good performance of electric contact.
If the temperature is too high, the surface of the two conductors will be oxidized violently and the contact resistance will increase significantly, causing the temperature of the conductors and their accessories (parts) to rise, and even the contacts may be welded.
When the temperature rises, the spring pressure decreases, and the electrical contact stability is poor, which may lead to electrical failure.

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