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Transformer partial discharge detection method

 The detection methods of partial discharge of transformers generally include:
1. Electrical measurement method. Use an oscilloscope or radio jammer to find the characteristic waveform or radio interference level of the discharge.
2. Ultrasonic measurement. The sound wave appearing in the discharge is detected, and the sound wave is converted into an electrical signal, recorded on a magnetic tape for analysis, and the distance between the detection point and the discharge point can be obtained by using the difference in the transmission time between the electrical signal and the acoustic signal.
3. Chemical measurement method. Detect the content and increase and decrease of various dissolved gases in oil. This test reveals changes in composition, ratio, and quantity in the oil to determine the presence or absence of partial discharge (or localized overheating).
How to detect partial discharge of power transformer
In addition, in recent years, a partial discharge on-line detector has been developed to automatically detect partial discharge during transformer operation.
In order to prevent the occurrence of partial discharge, the manufacturing unit should carry out reasonable structural design of the dry type transformer; carefully construct, improve the purity of the insulating material, and strictly handle the quality of each link. The operating unit should strengthen the maintenance and monitoring of dry-type transformers to effectively prevent the partial discharge of dry-type transformers.

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