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The major effect of the air temperature and humidity on the electrical equipment

The major effect of the air temperature and humidity on the electrical equipment, humidity is too high, reduce the intensity of the insulation of the electrical equipment, humidity and mold, humid air is beneficial to the growth of mold, humidity and metal corrosion, high temperature influence, etc.Influence of air temperature and humidity on electrical equipment

1. High humidity reduces the insulation strength of the transformer.On the one hand humidity is too high, make air insulation performance reduces, a lot of places in switching equipment are insulated by air gap.On the other hand are attached to the insulation surface moisture in the air, make electrical equipment insulation resistance is reduced, in particular use fixed number of year longer equipment, due to internal dust absorption of moisture, moist degree will be more serious, insulation resistance is lower.The leakage current of equipment increases greatly, even causing insulation breakdown and accidents

2. Humidity and mold: moist air is conducive to the growth of mold.Practice shows that when the temperature is 25-30 degrees, and the relative humidity is 75 to 95 percent, it is a good condition for mold growth.So, if the ventilation is not good, it will speed up the growth of mold.Mold contains a lot of water, so the insulation of the equipment will be greatly reduced.For some porous insulation materials, mold roots can also penetrate into the interior of the material, causing insulation breakdown.The acid secreted in the metabolic process of mould interacts with insulation, which reduces the insulation performance of dry transformer.

3. Humidity and metal corrosion: the humid air will corrode the conductive metal, magnetic-conducting silicon steel sheet and metal shell in the power equipment.It will reduce the performance and service life of the equipment and even cause electrical failure.
The major effect of the air temperature and humidity on the electrical equipment

How to reduce environmental humidity effect on the operation of high voltage electrical equipment, recommend the following measures: one is the transformer room and outdoor interlinked all in and out of the cable protection pipe nozzle and protect the surrounding all plugging, especially more to seal, with underground cable interlayer in small animals as well as protection from water and moisture proof by enter indoor outdoor equipment area.Second, it is advisable to install air conditioning in the equipment area. In high humidity season, it is advisable to choose "dehumidification" mode to operate.Third, when the dehumidification effect of air conditioning is still not ideal, the installation of industrial dehumidifier should be considered, its minimum dehumidification is about 30% (which is not achieved by ordinary air conditioning dehumidification), and it can be dehumidified automatically on a regular basis.Four is double show equipment in suspension temperature and humidity measuring instrument, real time monitoring, logging, timely analysis of degree of humidity, identify the reasons of the high humidity, take effective measures, moisture, moisture to improve the equipment operation environment.Fifth, no rain or snow leakage on the roof of the equipment area in any season.Sixth, the indoor cable trench, outdoor cable well, underground cable interlayer, to achieve rain must check, see water must be pumped, strictly prevent moisture, moisture into the equipment area.Seven is a new variable transformer room should pay special attention to require manufacturers to choose wet features good quality ZTELEC insulation resistance.Different manufacturers of equipment for insulating material have different quality, the environmental humidity tolerance level is different also, good resistant to live environment humidity 70% ~ 80% or higher, in the environmental humidity is 50% ~ 50% of poor discharge noise may appear when accompanied by abnormal smell.

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