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Advantages of dry type transformer

The characteristics of the dry type transformer are introduced.
1, no oil, no pollution, flammable flame retardant, self extinguishing fire.
2, insulation temperature rise level is high: F grade insulation, transformer temperature rise can reach 100K.
3, low loss and high efficiency: the loss of SC (B) 11 series is 10% lower than the current national standard.
4, the noise is small: SC (B) 11 series distribution transformers are usually controlled below 50dB.
5, partial discharge quantity is small (usually below 10PC), high reliability, can ensure long-term safe operation, life can reach 30 years.
6, crack resistance, temperature change, high mechanical strength, anti burst short circuit ability.
7. The moisture proof function is good. It can run normally at 100% humidity and can be put into operation without drying after shutdown.
8. Small size and light weight. The size of the oil immersed transformer is more than 2 times that of the dry type transformer.
9, do not need a separate transformer room, do not need the core inspection and load bearing beam, save the land and occupy the space; no oil, no toxic gas, no pollution to the environment, do not gather oil pit and other ancillary buildings, reduce the cost of civil construction.
10, easy installation, no need to debug, almost no maintenance, no need to replace and check oil, low cost of operation and maintenance.
11, equipped with a perfect temperature protection and control system to provide reliable guarantee for the safe operation of transformers.
Advantages of dry type transformer

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