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The future development trend of AC voltage regulator

At present, the world economic development situation is tortuous and changeable. The developed countries are aiming at the high-end market in succession. The birth of high-tech high-tech and high value-added products has won the larger market share for these developed countries. In the past, China's AC regulator market has been hovering in the middle and low end fields. With the social changes in the times, the industrial manufacturing production has put forward higher standards for the AC transformer.
Therefore, the export volume of China made low and medium end AC regulator products has been greatly reduced, making the development of enterprises difficult. In general, in 2011, China's AC voltage regulator market still showed a steady and rising trend in 2011. The data showed that the total industrial output value of 2011 was 16 trillion and 890 billion yuan, up 25.06%, the net profit was 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.14%, and the total amount of import and export was 631 billion 200 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 22.84%.
The future development trend of AC voltage regulator
But these data, compared with the rapid increase in the previous years, still have a slow trend, and how to stop the further expansion of the form is worth thinking of manufacturers. Data also show that the growth rate of China's AC regulator exports has slowed down. This shows that the market supply of high-end AC regulator is not enough, which can not meet the needs of the international community for high quality and high efficiency products. The trade deficit with Germany and Japan is up to $57 billion 800 million and $49 billion 200 million, respectively, and shows that there is still a big gap between China's AC voltage regulator and the developed countries. The AC stabilizer in developed countries started early, developed rapidly, had a large reserve of talents, and had strong innovation ability, so it was in a market monopoly position for a long time. The global marketing network has also begun to take shape, with a good publicity effect plus competitive products, so that the foreign - produced AC voltage regulator has always been in the leading position. In response to the domestic AC regulator market, the ability of independent innovation, the lack of talents, low value-added products and unsound marketing network make China's AC voltage regulator be in the middle and low position for a long time. Weak profitability and small profit margins make many small and medium-sized enterprises struggling.

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