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Analysis of partial discharge waveform of grounding transformer

The waveforms of this section are certainly classical interference waveforms, random interference, at the beginning of the voltage opening, and the test voltage is not synchronized with the Zhou Bo of the power supply, and the interference pulse is directed in the elliptical baseline. It is a power interference. There is a high frequency interference signal on the power input side. If the power supply filter is installed, this kind of waveform should not exist. The synchronizing power interface should also have the synchronous power interface. If it is synchronized with the power frequency, the interference can not be rotated on this elliptical baseline.
We will find that the discharge amount is not related to the voltage at this time, and the voltage drop down is still directed motion, which is influenced by the power supply cut off, short circuit and superposition load, and has strict time correspondence, but it is irregular. Of course, it may be possible to test other prototypes without such interference, but the interference is random. When the power is added to the filter, the intrusion is unlikely to exist.
Analysis of partial discharge waveform of grounding transformer
If the window is unable to open a fixed phase to avoid this interference, it is possible to check whether there is an electric crane, welding, saw and so on at the same time in the surrounding environment. Because all kinds of channels and various ways will produce a variety of interference signals, if a short time is still the case, it is suggested to be placed in the afternoon or evening test, may be less interference. It is very necessary to recommend repeated inspection and take various effective measures to restrain and verify.

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