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How is the performance of Chinese transformers

The transformer is an important power supply device and plays the role of adjusting the voltage and stabilizing the voltage. The development of modern science and technology is getting faster and faster, and the replacement and replacement are very fast. Its performance and function also have changes in varying degrees. Compared with the transformers produced by transformer manufacturers, the following new functions have been added:
chinese transformer performance is excellent
       First. ZTELEC transformers are safe to use, fireproof, and have no pollution, so they can directly operate load centers;
       Second, China's transformer manufacturer's technology uses advanced domestic technology, the mechanical strength is much higher than the original, the ability to resist short-circuit increases, the partial discharge decreases, the heat-stabilized type is better, and the reliability becomes higher and the service life increases;
       Third, compared with the previous transformers produced by China's transformer manufacturers, the loss and noise are lower, the energy-saving effect is obvious, and the sealed structure eliminates manual maintenance;
       Fourth, the cooling system is also using new technology, performance has improved a lot, and forced air-cooled operation can be overloaded operation;
       V. The transformers are now equipped with a complete temperature detection and protection system, which can automatically detect and achieve intelligent start, stop, alarm, trip and other functions;
       VI. At present, the transformers produced by ZTELEC are, from an appearance point of view, smaller and lighter in volume and quality, occupying less places, and lower installation costs.

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