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Why transformers use laminated wood

Electrical laminated wood has good insulation properties, high mechanical strength, and easy machining.
Processing Technology: Qualified Substrates - Primary Soaking - Secondary Soaking - Rotary Shearing - Veneer Drying - Veneer Shearing and Repair - Coating and Assembly - Precompression - Hot Pressing. (Using low-medium adhesive, several layers of laminated sheet, each veneer thickness of 1.2-2.2mm, crisscross wood, crisscross, parallel group method, high pressure suppression.)

Laminated wood for transformers
Scope of application: Widely used in transformers, transformers, insulation, support materials. It has the advantages of medium density, high mechanical strength, easy vacuum drying, good compatibility with transformer oil, and easy machining. Its dielectric constant is close to that of transformer oil, and its insulation and cooperation are reasonable. It can be used in transformers at 105°C for a long time. Under the action of external force and strong electric field, it will not break and will not be broken down. At present, electrical and laminated wood materials have been widely used at home and abroad to make insulating structural components, such as: upper and lower pressure plates, lead frames, iron yoke pads, coil insulation pressure plates, and iron yoke clamps. In transformers used to make clips, it replaced the steel plate, insulation board, epoxy board, in this application, thereby reducing the transformer's weight and material costs.

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