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On-load tap-changer parallel operation precautions

 The transformer is a kind of static electrical appliance which works very reliably, and the on-load tap changer's failure rate is obviously higher than the transformer. Multiple on-load tap-changer transformers are grouped together for parallel operation. As long as one of them fails, it will affect the normal operation of the entire system. Therefore, all kinds of devices that participate in parallel operation, such as transformers, on-load tap-changers, on-load voltage regulator controllers, automatic voltage regulators, and parallel operation controllers, should be in good working condition and must not be sickly work.
Before the transformer is put into parallel operation, these devices should be checked and repaired one by one, and their relevant operating parameters should be adjusted so that they are as consistent as possible. Some problems (such as a particularly loose or tight mechanical fit, a little hysteresis when the relay is released, and individual contact contacts are not reliable, etc.) do not necessarily affect normal operation when working alone, but may be reflected when parallel operation is performed, or even An out-of-step failure occurs and the parallel operation cannot be continued. To do this, we must do a good job in the maintenance work before the transformer operation and maintenance work in operation
On-load tap-changer parallel operation precautions
 Although transformers have taken various measures in the design and manufacture of control equipment for parallel operation, the reliability of these equipments has been ensured as much as possible. However, accidental failure may occur as a device. In order to prevent serious equipment accidents under any circumstances, it is necessary to adopt relatively perfect relay protection measures for transformers, and to ensure the safety of transformers in the event of a fault during parallel operation. Therefore, transformers participating in parallel operation should at least have the most basic protective measures such as overload protection, quick-break protection and oil temperature protection. Also in the transformer before and during the operation should always be carried out maintenance work, so that the transformer is in a good working condition.

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