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Why does the EI type transformer produce abnormal vibration

When the client uses the EI transformer in the process of using the transformer, it may meet the abnormal noise of the transformer or the vibration, then we need to accurately analyze the cause of this phenomenon, which is beneficial to our troubleshooting to solve the problem quickly.
Why does the EI type transformer produce abnormal vibration
1. when the transformer is working normally, the iron core vibration caused by magnetostriction, the vibration of the iron core caused by the magnetic leakage between the joint and the stack of the silicon steel sheet is the source of the normal vibration.
2. magnetic core vibration caused by too few primary coils or too high input voltage.
3. silicon steel plate is unevenness, causing magnetic core vibration.
4. the core vibration caused by insufficient or no drying of varnish.
5.The oscillation caused by the insufficient number of inserts.
6.The abnormal sound caused by the unevenness of the coil.

The normal vibration of the transformer can be ignored. Any transformer has slight vibration, which is within the standard range.
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