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Total assembly sequence of ZTELEC distribution transformers

The total assembly sequence of many customers' ZTELEC distribution transformers
First, increase the trial installation process to ensure the smooth assembly work after the product is dry, reduce the exposed time of the body.
Second, the Japanese Riken hydraulic equipment is used to pressurize the transformer to ensure the overall coil height and ampere balance, and improve the short-circuit resistance of the transformer.
Third, strictly control the operation time to avoid the secondary moisture absorption of the distribution transformer during the operation.
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Fourth, strict control of vacuum and vacuum time to ensure product quality. The vacuum treatment equipment produced by the German company Leybold is used to evacuate the product to ensure that there is no gas trap after oil filling.
Five. Install the parts and complete the experience: After the product test, pre-assemble all the relevant parts of the power transformer to ensure smooth installation on site. After the installation, the company's technical department, marketing department, manufacturing department, and quality assurance department are organized for joint inspection and acceptance, and the final unpacking process can be carried out until the problem is solved.
Sixth, the factory added a lifting inspection process to ensure that there is no problem with the factory: After the product is unsealed, the core inspection is carried out in the factory, and the state of the body is finally confirmed and a record is formed.
7. After vacuuming, perform vacuum and leak test again to ensure good sealing of the body: re-seal the product after lifting the product, then vacuum and oil, and finally re-test the leak. The leak pressure is 0.03MPa, which lasts for more than 24 hours.
ZTELEC is strictly produced to provide you with quality distribution transformers.

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