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ZTELEC dry distribution transformer future development direction

With the continuous development and innovation of dry distribution transformers in China's electrical industry and the large number of popularization and application, China's dry-type transformer design and manufacturing technology has reached world-class level, and the future dry-type power transformers are expected to be further developed.

1. Energy saving and low noise
ZTELEC has a high level in the research of loss and noise and the manufacture of energy-saving and environment-friendly transformers. However, energy conservation and environmental protection are eternal issues in the development of transformers, and many problems are worth studying. Low-loss silicon steel sheet, stepped iron core joints, foil winding structure, in-depth study of noise, environmental protection requirements, computer optimization design and other new materials, new processes, new technologies introduced and developed, will make the future dry The transformer is more energy efficient and quieter.

2, high reliability
China has produced tens of thousands of dry-type transformers, which operate in various fields, key projects and major projects. The requirements for product reliability are self-evident. In the electromagnetic field theory and its calculation, casting process, hot spot temperature rise, partial discharge mechanism, quality assurance system, reliability engineering, etc., a large number of basic research, active reliability certification, and further improve the reliability of dry-type transformers, will be people The goal of pursuing.
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3. Environmental protection certification
Currently, ZTELEC has passed the ISO14001 environmental certification. Based on IEC and European standard HD464, the test and certification of dry-type power transformers with thermal shock resistance, environmental adaptability and fire resistance are carried out. Whether it is an epoxy cast dry transformer or a 
SG (B) non-encapsulated dry transformer, there is still a long way to go.

4, large capacity
Distribution transformer capacity is usually below 2,500kVA. At present, the research and development of dry-type transformers is mainly based on this. As the city's electricity load continues to increase, the city network regional substation is more and more deep into the urban center, residential areas, large and medium-sized factories and mines and other load centers, 35kV large-capacity regional power supply dry power transformers will be widely used. At present, ZTELEC has produced ultra-large capacity dry-type transformers such as 35kV, 16MVA and 20MVA.

5, multi-functional combination and intelligent
From the single transformer function transformer to the development of multi-functional combined transformers with forced air cooling, protective casing, power metering, enclosed busbars, various low-voltage lateral outlets, computer interfaces, etc., to the introduction of TTU intelligent terminals, with data Processing, status control, status display and other functions, so that the transformer becomes a multi-functional intelligent, ready-to-use electrical equipment.

6, multi-field development
From the distribution transformers to the power plant excitation, plant use, rail transit traction rectification, high-current electric furnace, nuclear power plant, marine, oil production platform and other multi-purpose development.

7, multi-material, multi-variety
Epoxy resin vacuum-cast dry-type transformers occupy the world's leading market. Many companies have done some product research on new materials and new processes such as Nomex Class H insulation and amorphous alloys, and have obtained a lot of data and experience, and will do in-depth research and development in many fields. In the future, the new development of materials science and manufacturing technology will certainly provide new opportunities and develop a new era for the development of dry distribution transformer design and manufacturing technology.

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