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Special purpose transformer

Mine flameproof dry type transformer

Mine flameproof dry type transformer

Mine flameproof dry type transformers are used in mines where there is a risk of explosion.

Mine flameproof dry type transformers are used in mines where there is a risk of explosion. The transformer is made dry. The main structural feature is that all the joint faces of the casing are made according to the flameproof requirements and can withstand the internal pressure of 1.0 MPa.
Mine transformer main body, high-voltage side inlet end high-voltage wiring chamber and low-voltage side outlet end low-voltage wiring chamber.
The dry-type transformer for mining has a capacity of 100-4000KVA, the input voltage is: 10KV or 6KV, and the output voltage is: 3450V, 1200V, 693V, or 400V.
Mine flameproof dry type transformers

Mine transformer advantages and material description

1. The product has good heat dissipation performance and insulation performance, and can operate normally under harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature and high humidity.
2. Design according to user's special performance requirements.

a. The transformer core is made of high-quality high-magnetic imported Japanese cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, which adopts a vertical “stack stack” structure. Without burrs, the core should be compacted and immersed in varnish to reduce eddy current losses. The magnetic flux density of the iron core is selected to be not saturated when the transformer is operating in a negative tap;
b. The insulation level of the transformer is H class, and the insulation is designed according to continuous operation. When the transformer is operated at the maximum rated capacity, its maximum temperature rise should not exceed 125K;
c. To withstand short-circuit capability, the relevant provisions of GB1094.5-85 standard shall be implemented. The transformer can withstand the three-phase short circuit of the low-voltage side outlet, and the high-voltage side busbar is the short-circuit current supplied by the infinite power supply, the winding is not deformed, and the components are not damaged. When a direct short circuit occurs at the outlet of the low voltage side, the core, coil and insulation of the transformer shall not be damaged;
d. Load capacity, natural air cooling (AN), under the specified operating conditions, the transformer should continuously output 100% of the rated capacity;
e. Temperature rise limit, the temperature rise limit of mobile substation should meet the requirements of GB6450-86

Mine dry-type transformers have the advantages of safety, reliability, energy saving, fire prevention, flameproof, no harmful gas, no pollution to the environment and simple maintenance. Excellent product performance and excellent electrical and mechanical properties throughout the life of the product. It is most suitable for environments with high fire protection requirements, high load fluctuations and high heat resistance. The iron core of the mine dry type transformer adopts high magnetic permeability high quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with small joints, low loss and low noise.

flameproof dry type transformer manufacturing process

The dry-type transformer coils for mining use high-quality process winding, and heat-resistant insulating materials are used between layers and turns, which can be operated for a long time under high temperature environment. The mine dry type transformer adopts imported paint to vacuum coat the coil, and the impregnating paint completely penetrates into the deep layer of the coil. 160-170 ° C drying and curing, high mechanical strength. The body is vacuum dried by a pressure swing method, and the surface of the body is covered with a layer of moisture-proof lacquer, which has good insulation properties.
Mine explosion-proof dry type transformers

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