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Dry type transformer

SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer

SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer

The description of SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformerSCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer is suitable for some special occasions that need to directly change from

The description of SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer

SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer is suitable for some special occasions that need to directly change from 35KV grid voltage to 400V. Compared with 6-10KV distribution transformer, this type of transformer has higher requirements for product manufacturing. Therefore, during manufacturing, the unique internal stress control technology of the SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer partial discharge control technology is used to control the internal insulation of the transformer in an optimal state, thereby ensuring the key performance of the SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer that suitable for high-rise buildings, commercial centers, airports, tunnels, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, ships and other important or special environmental places.

The features of SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer:

SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformers re designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the products which are widely used in electric power and power distribution systems such as electric field plants, power stations, industrial and mining enterprises and distribution stations

1) Low loss, fully meet the standard requirements of 9-11 series products and energy-saving standards.

2) Partial discharge is small.

3) The insulation level of SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer reaches F level and the temperature resistance is 155 ° C. The actual operating temperature rise is low and the overload capacity is strong. In the case of self-cooling that can run for 120% of overload for a long time which can be operated for 150% of overload in the case of forced air cooling.

4) The noise is small, and it has dropped by about 20dB on the basis of the national standard.

5)SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformers is equipped with reliable performance, safe operation, convenient maintenance, high overall mechanical strength, strong short-circuit resistance, good resistance to shock overvoltage, and good moisture resistance.

SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer structural :

1) The high-voltage winding conductor is made of oxygen-free copper foil with high conductivity, the inter-turn insulation is made of F-grade insulation material. The imported glass grid plate is used as the skeleton inside and outside the winding. The copper foil of SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer and the turn insulation are programmed once on the high-voltage foil winding machine, controlled by a computer, the laser positioning, and the lead wire is automatically welded by argon arc welding, wound in sections. Then placed in a mold and cast with a resin with filler under vacuum forming.

2). Low-voltage winding adopts copper foil with the same height as the high-voltage winding with F and turn insulation on the low-voltage foil winding machine. During winding of SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer , the copper wire of the winding leads is automatically welded out by argon arc welding. A brace is placed in the middle of the winding to form a cooling air channel. The end is potted with resin and solidified.

3) The iron core of SCB11-1600KVA dry-type transformer adopts high-quality grain-oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, 45-degree full beveled seam and iron yoke without perforation structure to ensure low no-load loss. The core clamping adopts the unique prestressed and breathable square steel clamp structure in China, the core is bound by insulating tape, the upper and lower clamps adopt the inner pull plate structure and the surface of the core is sealed with a special resin.

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