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Dry type transformer

SCB13 dry-type transformers

SCB13 dry-type transformers

The description of SCB13 dry-type transformersSCB13 dry-type transformers are safe, flame-retardant and fire-proof, non-polluting that can be directly installed

The description of SCB13 dry-type transformers

SCB13 dry-type transformers are safe, flame-retardant and fire-proof, non-polluting that can be directly installed in the load center. Maintenance-free and easy to install. Good moisture resistance, can be put into operation without pre-drying after shutdown. Low loss, low partial discharge, low noise, and 120% rated load operation under forced air cooling. It has its own complete temperature protection control system to provide reliable guarantee for the safe operation of transformers.

The features of SCB13 dry-type transformers

1. Low loss and good power saving effect, bringing economic benefits in operation.

2. Flame-retardant, explosion-proof, pollution-free, maintenance-free, can be installed in the load center, reducing investment cost and saving costs

3. The partial discharge of SCB13 dry-type transformers is less than 10PC, the coil does not absorb moisture or dust, and has high mechanical strength and good reliability.

4. Short circuit resistance, good lightning impact resistance.

5. The shell of SCB13 dry-type transformers is made of stainless steel, cold plate and aluminum alloy and the type is divided into air type and heat dissipation type.

6. SCB13 dry-type transformers can be equipped with temperature control and temperature display system according to user needs and can be used in conjunction with the temperature control system.

The structural characteristics of SCB13 dry-type transformer:

1. Iron core

SCB13 dry-type transformers use high-quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheets, and iron core silicon steel sheets use a 45-degree full-inclined joint to allow magnetic flux to pass along the direction of the silicon steel sheet joint.

2. Winding

SCB13 dry-type transformer windings are as follows:

(1) Winding type

(2) Epoxy resin plus quartz sand filling and pouring

(3) Glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin casting (ie thin insulation structure)

(4) Multi-strand glass fiber impregnated epoxy resin winding type

3. High voltage winding

SCB13 dry-type transformer generally adopts multilayer cylindrical or multilayer segmented structure

4. Low voltage winding

SCB13 dry-type transformers generally adopt a layered or foil structure.

The advantages of SCB13 dry-type transformers

1. The coil is wound with copper wire or foil, reinforced with glass fiber, epoxy resin without filler, vacuum-dried, degassed and dehumidified as a whole, high mechanical strength, short circuit resistance and strong impact resistance.

2. The first end and middle tap of the high-voltage winding adopt copper embedded embedded structure which has good rigidity, easy to adjust gear, and is beautiful and tidy.

3. The iron core of SCB13 dry-type transformers is made of high-quality grain-oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, and the 45-degree fully inclined multi-step joint. The surface is covered with a resin insulation coating, which is resistant to moisture, rust and noise.

4. The elastic core of SCB13 dry-type transformers is used to clamp the iron core, clamp and coil, so that the coil is in a stable and compact state to reduce noise.

5. SCB13 dry-type transformers is designed according to self-cooling, and the longitudinal wall is reserved inside the integrally cast high (low) pressure coil tube wall which can be equipped with a forced air cooling device (cooling fan). The forced output air cooling device can increase the output capacity by 50 %.

6. SCB13 dry-type transformers is equipped with a thermostat, place a platinum resistor (Pt100) in the embedded hole on the top of the low-voltage coil. By monitoring the temperature rise of SCB13 dry-type transformers winding, the cooling fan is automatically started and stopped and fault alarm, over temperature alarm and over temperature trip functions are provided to provide a reliable overload protection device for the dry transformer, thereby improving the safety of the SCB13 dry-type transformers operation.

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