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Dry type transformer

Three phase dry type transformer

Three phase dry type transformer

Three-phase transformers are composed of silicon steel sheets and windings. The windings can be made of copper or aluminum wires. Their prices differ by 110% -1

Three-phase transformers are composed of silicon steel sheets and windings. The windings can be made of copper or aluminum wires. Their prices differ by 110% -140% for small three-phase transformers, and between 150% -180% for medium power. High power. Transformer prices differ by more than 200%, and their price differences are very large. In foreign countries, transformers are generally all-copper windings with few aluminum wire windings. However, China is relatively short of copper, and its copper prices are very high.

However, all-aluminum three-phase transformers are also in compliance with national production standards. Transformers made of two materials are not much different in use, but all-copper transformers will do better in efficiency and temperature rise, and will also affect Expired service life, but this factor is also not very important, because the service life of the transformer is not only determined by the copper and aluminum wires. The transformer is subject to a lot of failure due to improper use of the three-phase transformer. The effects of aging, short circuit, lack of regular maintenance, use environment does not meet its product standards and other factors.

The greater the power of the transformer, the higher the efficiency. The efficiency of low-power control transformers, row lamp transformers, machine tool transformers, isolation transformers, etc. is generally about 95%. Although the efficiency is not high, its low load and low loss are not high.The efficiency of the transformers supporting high-power machinery and equipment is not high. At 98%, two efficiency factors are the efficiency of all-copper transformers, and the aluminum wire is lower. The transformer itself is an efficient and energy-saving product. The main loss is the problem of transformer heating and hotness which converts electricity into heat.

The load equipment of high-power transformers cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour. 1% lower power can save a lot of money. The efficiency factor of small transformers may not be very important, but high-power three-phase transformers must consider this. Problems, and the silicon steel sheet material and winding material of silk-covered wire and enameled wire will also have a large difference in high-power transformers. Enameled wire is more efficient than silk-covered wire, enameled wire is more secure and stable than silk-covered wire, and enameled wire material is better than silk-covered. The use time of the wire is longer; the loss caused by the loss of the electricity cost and the short service life of the transformer made by the silk-covered wire may be higher than the price of buying a three-phase transformer of all copper enameled wire produced by our company High prices have high reasons, and low prices have low reasons. You can't just look at the price but not the quality.

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