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Oil filled transformer Why do you need to change the insulating oil regularly?

Transformer oil is responsible for the internal insulation of the oil filled transformer and is also the medium for heat transfer inside the transformer. In the operation of the transformer, there are three main factors that reduce the insulation capacity of the transformer oil:
1. Hermetically sealed transformer is equipped with a respirator. Although there is a desiccant inside the respirator, long-term operation will inevitably increase the moisture of the transformer oil. The result of an increase in moisture is a decrease in insulation capacity;
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2. Sealed power transformers may generate discharge between coil turns and bare conductors during operation, and discharge can carbonize transformer oil. However, each discharge may not cause an accident, but the total insulation capacity of the transformer oil will decrease.
3. Transformer oil is inevitably in contact with air and will oxidize for a long time. It also causes the transformer oil insulation capacity to decrease.
Therefore, the oil filled transformer is tested within the specified time, the test is passed, the transformer oil continues to be used, and if it is unqualified, the oil is changed.

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