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Oil immersed transformer uses environmentally friendly insulating oil

The Oil immersed transformer is a relatively traditional power equipment that is inexpensive and suitable for a wide range of environments, so the industry is highly dependent on Hermetically Sealed Oil Filled Transformer. However, with the development of the times, engineers found that the old-fashioned transformer oil is prone to failure during long-term operation, and the replaced transformer oil will pollute the environment. In order to make the oil filled transformer work more smoothly, improve efficiency and be environmentally friendly. Therefore, oil-immersed transformers began to use environmentally friendly transformer oil.
In the opinion of some experts, the use of traditional mineral oil oil-immersed transformer oil, oil-immersed transformers and other electrical equipment may not fail in the short term, but there may be risks in the long run. Some unqualified oil-immersed transformer oils have corrosive sulfur which may cause the Hermitically Sealed Oil Filled Transformer to burn out. The direct cause of the accident is the improper selection of oil-immersed transformer oil. Some oil-immersed transformers have been running for about 10 years. The sulfur contained in the oil-immersed transformer oil can cause the oil-immersed transformer to break down and burn, causing accidents caused by improper selection of oil-immersed transformer oil.
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It is understood that the base oil of gas-based oil does not contain sulfur, which can minimize the corrosive problems caused by sulfur in practical applications. At the same time, the low temperature performance of gas-to-liquid is better, and it can be used normally in winter in Harbin. In addition, the oxidation stability of gas-to-liquids also has significant advantages, which can effectively extend the service life of oil products, the flash point reaches 191 degrees Celsius, the safety standard is greatly improved, and the oil loss is significantly reduced by nearly 25%, and the oil-filled transformer equipment is protected. Safe, long-lasting, and efficient operation.
The continuous transformation of transformer oil has undergone tremendous changes in the use of environmental and oil-immersed transformers. Therefore, ZTELEC should increase its efforts to produce environmentally friendly Oil immersed transformers to promote the continuous updating of the industry. Develop and become an environmentally friendly company!

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