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How does the temperature control system of dry power transformer work?

The safe operation and service life of dry power transformers depend to a large extent on the safety and reliability of the transformer winding insulation. If the winding temperature exceeds the insulation withstand temperature, the insulation layer will be destroyed and the transformer will not work properly. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the operating temperature of the dry-type transformer and its alarm control.
(1) Fan automatic control: The temperature signal is measured by Pt100 thermal temperature measuring resistor embedded in the hottest part of the low voltage winding. The transformer load increases and the operating temperature rises. When the winding temperature reaches 110 °C, the system automatically starts the fan cooling; when the winding temperature is as low as 90 °C, the system automatically stops the fan.
(2) Over-temperature alarm, trip: The winding or core temperature signal is collected by a PTC nonlinear thermal temperature measuring resistor embedded in the low-voltage winding. When the temperature of the transformer winding continues to rise, if the temperature reaches 155 °C, the system outputs an over-temperature alarm signal; if the temperature continues to rise to 170 °C, the transformer can no longer continue to operate, and the over-temperature trip signal must be sent to the secondary protection circuit to make the dry type The distribution transformer quickly trips.
(3) Temperature display system: The temperature change value is measured by the Pt100 thermistor embedded in the low-voltage winding, and the temperature of each phase winding is directly displayed (three-phase inspection and maximum value display, and the historical maximum temperature can be recorded). The maximum temperature is output in 4~20mA analog output. If it needs to be transmitted to a remote computer (distance up to 1200m), it can be equipped with a computer interface and 1 transmitter. It can monitor up to 31 transformers at the same time. The system's over-temperature alarm and trip can also be acted upon by the Pt100 thermal sensing resistor signal to further improve the reliability of the temperature control protection system.
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