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What is the effect of the dry transformer three reverse connection?

Regardless of the star connection or the delta connection, for the dry transformer, the ABC three-phase arbitrary adjustment, that is, the ABC three-terminal line is inconsistent in design, the inconsistency will be copied to the output, ie The output ABC three terminals and the ABC three lines also have deviations.

For example, the three terminals of the dry distribution transformer ABC, if I connect the line in A-C B-B C-A mode, then the output end coiler will also be the A-C B-B C-A rule. That is, if the ABC three-phase is reversed on the input side, the output side is also reversed.
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If the reverse is exactly the reverse, the general small distribution transformer will not have problems, and the micro-transformer will be reversed, but it will lead to lower efficiency.

However, large dry-type transformers are not allowed to be reversed. In the case of high load, the serious consequences of the unpredictability of some distribution transformers are usually generated. This is not only a drop in efficiency, but a change in the order of phases, and The magnetic structure designed by the transformer itself creates some conflicts, while the dry transformer needs to consume the energy generated by the conflict and generate intense heat.

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