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Maintenance of American box substation

After the American box-type substation is installed and used, there is basically no maintenance, but the products produced in China are indispensable for the maintenance of the box due to various reasons.
Due to the surface treatment technical problems of the outer casing, the corrosion of the outer casing should be intensified;
The oil filled in the fuel tank of the box type substation is generally FR3 insulating oil, which has a burning point of up to 312 ° C, and has excellent electrothermal characteristics, high insulation strength, good lubricity, strong arc extinguishing ability, non-toxicity, and biodegradation. This minimizes environmental and health hazards. FR3 insulating oil does not form sediment like traditional mineral oil, and the majority of domestically produced American box-type substations are filled with 25# common mineral oil. In addition, in general, the upper part of the tank of the American box-type substation is filled with inert gas to prevent the exchange of moisture in the air into the oil. The domestic American box-type substation may not have the enterprise to carry out this work. Over time, the performance of the oil will be reduced, and its sealing performance will not meet the requirements of 7 Psig, so it is necessary to change the oil regularly.
American box substation
The American box-type substation has no oil temperature protection. There is only one thermometer to display the oil temperature. When the oil temperature is too high, it is protected by a plug-in fuse. There is also a pressure relief valve to release too much pressure in the tank. Therefore, it should be checked frequently whether the fuse is operating normally in both cases and whether the casing leaks oil.

Since the tank of the American box-type substation is exposed to the outside, it should be patrolled frequently to prevent leakage of oil under the impact of external force.
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