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Treatment measures for rusted dry power transformer

Dry  power transformers are used in many industries, especially in industries such as construction and agricultural miners. Transformers are at the core of the power engineering and play an irreplaceable role in the power system. With the rapid development of the economy and the expansion of transformer production scale, dry-type transformer production technology has also been significantly improved, from single function to multi-functional direction, and gradually invented intelligent and economical dry-type transformers. However, the problem of rusting of the transformer cannot be avoided, so we need a suitable method to deal with it, otherwise it will affect the performance of the transformer.

After any equipment has been in production for a period of time, it needs timely maintenance and maintenance to achieve the purpose of ensuring the working efficiency of the equipment and prolonging the service life of the equipment. The long-term production operation is a huge invisible to the equipment itself. Consumption. For those who use it, knowing how to carry out maintenance and maintenance is also the most important and important thing.
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After the dry distribution transformer is rusted, it is necessary to carefully perform the descaling operation, and know how to choose the appropriate technology, and also carry out relevant tests to clean the external of the dry-type transformer. The most taboo is that you can use the detergent and washing powder in daily life to clean up, and be careful to prevent the power supply from short-circuiting! You can use a professional rust remover to clean the rusted parts of the dry-type transformer. After cleaning, check if the function of the dry-type transformer can be used normally to prevent unnecessary loss after cleaning.

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