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Why can buried power transformers replace box-type substations?

    With the increasing demand for urban environment and image, the problem of the box-type substation, which is one of the urban infrastructures, is exposed during the operation of some areas: the land occupation is large, the illegal use of blind roads, and the occupation of the bustling areas The narrow space; the equipment is vulnerable to theft and destruction on the ground; it becomes a small advertising carrier and becomes a visual "pollution source" that affects the urban environment. Therefore, in the urban construction, the traditional box change has been unable to meet the needs of social development and urban environmental construction, which urgently requires a new type of street lighting distribution equipment. Therefore, a buried power transformer has emerged to replace the box-type substation.
    Medium-voltage cables in medium-voltage power transmission and transformation systems are based on European design standards and are used after domestic production and approved by foreign equipment suppliers. According to the standard, the long-term allowable temperature of the cable conductor part is 70 ° C, the frequency of use is 50 Hz, the maximum outer diameter is ≤ 44.5 mm, the maximum allowable current carrying capacity is 120 A, and the neutral current of the phase line is 800 A/s, 20 ° C. The maximum copper resistance is 0.811 Ω.
buried power transformers
    The buried oil-immersed transformer has simple wiring and convenient installation, which reduces the maintenance workload. Using low-loss transformers can reduce energy losses. Buried dry type transformers have a short construction period, relatively few investments, and good economic and social benefits, especially for long distances.
The adoption of the new power distribution mode greatly reduces the loss of the entire network and has a significant effect on increasing the load node voltage.
    ZTELEC buried power transformer, low loss, low noise, is an excellent urban transformer.

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