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What kinds of cooling media are there for power transformers?

To get the heat out of the power transformer, there are generally three types of media that can be used: air, water, and oil. The heat-generating components of the 35kv transformer are mainly two parts: one is the coil and the other is the iron core.
In the early days, the transformer mainly adopted the oil cooling method, that is, the oil-immersed power transformer. Since the oil has a larger specific heat than the air and the insulation strength is high, this heat dissipation method is the mainstream heat dissipation of the high-power transformer. However, due to the maintenance of oil, the sealing at the lead wire is not easy to solve. With the advancement of insulation materials, dry-type transformers have dominated at medium and small power levels.
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The dry power transformer is cooled by means of air. Air cooling is divided into two types, natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF). When natural air is cooled (AN), 100% of rated capacity can be continuously output under normal use conditions. For forced air cooling (AF), under normal conditions, 50% capacity can be achieved. It is suitable for various first-aid overload or intermittent overload operation. Due to the large increase in load loss and impedance resistance, forced air cooling is generally not recommended. (AF) Continuous continuous overload operation.
The power transformer can also be water-cooled, that is, the coil of the transformer is made hollow, the inside is pure water, and the pure water is used to remove heat.
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