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How to choose the right power transformer

Choosing a suitable power transformer not only ensures safety, but also saves procurement costs and reduces losses.

Dry transformer load precautions
1) When there are a large number of primary or secondary loads, two or more transformers should be installed. When any one of the transformers is disconnected, the capacity of the remaining transformers can meet the primary and secondary loads. First, the secondary load is as concentrated as possible and should not be too dispersed.
2) When the seasonal load capacity is large, a special transformer should be installed. Such as air conditioning refrigerator load in large civil buildings, electric heating load for heating, etc.
3) When the concentrated load is large, a special transformer should be installed. Such as large heating equipment, large X-ray machines, electric arc furnaces, etc.
4) When the lighting load is large or the power and lighting use the shared transformer seriously affects the lighting quality and the life of the lamp, a special transformer for lighting can be provided. In general, power and lighting share a power transformer.
 power transformer,Distribution transformer,Dry type transformer
Distribution transformer use environment
Under normal medium conditions, oil-immersed transformers or dry-type transformers, such as industrial and mining enterprises, agricultural independent or auxiliary substations, and district independent substations, can be used. The available transformers are S8, S9, S10, SC(B)9, SC(B)10 and so on.
Temperature environment
1 maintain long-term stability at 220 ° C
2 can withstand short-term operation at 350 °C
3 Maintain stable performance over a wide temperature and humidity range
4 at 250 ° C, will not melt, flow and combustion
5 at 750 ° C, will not release toxic or corrosive gases

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