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What is the difference between a R type transformer and a ring transformer

Recently, ZTELEC received many customers' differences in consulting R transformers and ring transformers.

1. shape: R type standardized design structure, single dimension, not easy to change. The size of the core of the ring transformer can be adjusted at will, and the dimensions of the transformer can meet various needs.
2. winding: R type transformer standard line slot is tightly arranged. The ring transformer is evenly distributed on the circumference of the iron core, and is arranged closely and orderly.
3. magnetic flux leakage: leakage of magnetic flux leakage of R type transformer. Ring transformer high grade oriented whole silicon steel coil and uniform winding arrangement reduce the leakage flux of transformer to the utmost.
What is the difference between a R type transformer and a ring transformer
4. installation: R transformer installation method is relatively simple. Ring transformer installation methods are various, horizontal, sinking, upper bridge, middle hole fixing and so on.
5. insulation: R transformer uses isolation frame, the insulation strength of the original sub side can meet the requirements in general. Ring transformer is first wrapped in a core surface and must be treated with insulating material to meet the requirements.
6. fever: R type transformer has small iron loss, so the core has low calorific value, but the wire diameter affected by wire slot is limited, and the heat output of enameled wire is relatively large. The ring transformer uses high grade silicon steel sheet to ensure low loss, small diameter constraint, small overall heat consumption and good heat dissipation.
7. efficiency: R transformer core loss is low, line diameter loss is slightly larger, conversion efficiency can meet the requirements. The low loss of the ring transformer ensures high efficiency.

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