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Oil immersed transformer line protection can enhance service life

In order to ensure the service life of oil immersed transformers, it is necessary to protect the lines. As long as there is no problem in the operation of the oil immersed transformer line, the use and life of the transformer can be guaranteed. Next, let's take a look at the line protection of oil immersed transformers.
   For the main transformer of substation with a voltage range of 6 to 10KV, a time limited overcurrent protection is usually installed. If the overcurrent protection time is greater than 0.5 ~ 0.7s, current quick break protection should also be installed. Oil immersed transformers with capacity of 800KV A and above and oil immersed transformers in workshop 400KV. A and above shall be installed with gas protection according to regulations.
   A transformer with capacity of 400KV A and above, when several stations run parallel or single operation and as a spare power for other loads, overload protection should be installed on the basis of possible overloads. Overload protection and gas protection act on signals when minor faults occur, while other protection, including gas protection, usually occurs in tripping when serious faults occur.
Oil immersed transformer,ZTELEC GROUP
   For the main transformer with high voltage side 35KV and above, overcurrent protection, current quick break protection and gas protection should also be installed. Overload protection is also necessary when overloading is possible. However, if the capacity of a single operating transformer at 10000KV / A and above and parallel operating transformers with each capacity of 6300KV. A and above, the longitudinal differential protection is required to replace the current quick break protection.

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