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We wait for you at CWIEME Berlin

 In this CWIEME Berlin 2018, ZTELEC dispatched 5 professionals to participate. It covers all aspects of our industry, with skilled business department managers and knowledgeable engineers. This time we welcome every customer with our greatest enthusiasm and the most sincere attitude.
CWIEME Berlin 2018
June 17, 2018, starting from Zhengzhou, first arrived in Beijing, the capital of China. Then he flew from Beijing to Germany and arrived on June 18. After a short break, the staff arrived at the exhibition hall to make final adjustments.
CWIEME Berlin 2018
Although they are very tired, but on June 19, they still face each customer with a full spirit. For them to answer each question in detail, conquered multiple customers with professional knowledge and enthusiasm.
CWIEME Berlin 2018
Now that the exhibition has been successfully completed the next day, are you still on the scene?

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